Playhouse, also known as Play The House, is the name of a project currently under work. It was assigned to us, a group of nine people, in the Software Engineering course that started in the late autumn semester 2013 and continues until the start of summer 2014.

The project goal is to make a building into a giant pixel screen, using lights that can be controlled through a computer. On the building you should then be able to play animations or even simple games through a browser.

In the project we use Philips Hue, lights that can change colour through web server requests. We have two servers, both written in Python3 and Tornado. The lampserver controls the lamps directly by sending requests to the bridges. The second server serves webpages that are used when playing games, handles communication to clients with websockets, and sends commands to the lampserver.

In the fall 2014 the project continued, and we installed it in the newly built NOD building, as part of the inauguration.

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